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Self-talk in sport

Self-talk in sport

MP3 Audio

Justine Tonner-Joyce and Michael Blackburn

Self-talk for sport is about being mentally positive, realistic, calm and focused when things get tough. These sports instruction MP3 tracks contain practical strategies to help you identify and challenge unhelpful thinking and to develop more helpful self-talk to manage your emotions like anxiety and anger, to advance your skills and perform at your best.

1. What is self-talk in sport? is an essential introductory track and it's free! Go ahead and listen to the complete track by clicking on 'sample' below or right-click and save the MP3 to your PC. It explains the important concept of how your thoughts are linked to your feelings, behaviour and performance in sport.

2. The second track, Self-talk for confidence and motivation is another informational MP3 with great tips to enhance your mood and motivation for performance. This track will inspire you to train and compete with more passion and a greater belief in your ability.

3 & 4. Anger is another topic covered in this self-talk series. There is an introduction and a practical/relaxation MP3 in the Self-talk to manage anger duo. The introduction helps you understand how your self-talk impacts on your level of anger and your performance. The practical track allows you to mentally rehearse helpful self-talk, stay calm and relaxed and perform at your best. You'll get them both for $6.95 when you buy Self-talk to manage anger (practical) or the full Self-talk package.

5. Self-talk to manage anxiety leads you through some of the ways you can talk to yourself to stay calm and focused when competing. By managing your anxiety better you can make better decisions, use your body more accurately and efficiently and have greater self-belief.

6. Finally, Self-talk to advance your skills is a great track for those learning new skills or wanting to modify existing skills. This track will teach you to use motivational and instructional self-talk, to deal with discomfort and frustration and to acquire skills faster.

Track Title   Listen Time Price Buy
1What is self-talk in sport? (free)Sample5:37  
2Self-talk for confidence and motivationSample10:29$6.95
3Self-talk to manage anger - IntroductionSample3:42  
4Self-talk to manage anger - PracticalSample11:13$6.95
5Self-talk to manage anxietySample11:22$6.95
6Self-talk to advance your skillsSample7:47$5.95
7Full Package Download $24.95
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