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Self-Talk for SportSelf talk is the chatter that goes inside everyone's head all day.

When you say negative things to yourself about your own ability or about mistakes you've made it can have a big impact on your confidence or anxiety levels when you play your sport. Then you won't perform at your best.

That's why it's really important to develop positive, realistic and helpful self-talk to improve how you feel and enhance your performance when competing. With regular listening, these tracks can help you change your self-talk.

Scientific research on Self-talk:
"Self-talk can enhance learning the tennis forehand"
"Further support for the effectiveness of self-talk"
"The role of self-talk in the awareness of physiological state and physical performance"

Want to evaluate your use of self-talk in sport? Take the TOPS test.

Self-talk in sport

Would you like some more focus? Check out our 10 Rules of Sports Psychology.

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