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Mental Skills Testing

Want to learn more about your mental skills?

Many coaches and sport psychology consultants use tests or inventories to measure a range of behaviours related to performance.

There is considerable interest in instruments targeting psychological skills and strategies in sport as they can differentiate more and less successful athletes, identify strengths and weaknesses requiring attention, and provide evidence regarding the effectiveness of psychological skills training programs.

TOPS reportThe Test of Performance Strategies (TOPS, Thomas, Murphy, & Hardy, 1999) is one of the most popular instruments with sport psychology consultants. The TOPS was designed to measure a comprehensive range of psychological skills and techniques, and their strategic use by athletes both in competition and at practice. Scales were developed targeting eight of the most important psychological skills underlying successful athletic performance.

These instruments must provide sound measures to be of any theoretical or practical value. Research has provided evidence of the validity and reliability of the TOPS scales. That research is ongoing and has already resulted in changes to some items and scales that improve the measures in the latest version of the TOPS (Thomas, Hardy, & Murphy, 2007).

Online Sport Psychology test - TOPSThe TOPS takes about 20 minutes to complete online at http://www.topsfirst.com.  You will receive your own psychological skills profiles in competition and at practice, and in some cases be able to compare your profiles with those of other athletes in your sport or performance level. These profiles will enable you to target the skills and strategies needed to optimise sport performance.

Once you have your results, remember to come back here to Sports Mind Skills to see what products might suit you. If you’re having trouble deciding, email us your TOPS score sheet and we may be able to provide specific recommendations for you. Of course, we will keep your information confidential.

A major benefit of completing such a test is the ability to evaluate your own progress in developing your mental skills. To facilitate this, use your Sports Mind Skills products then log back into the TOPS site anytime and re-do the test. We suggest repeating the test every 3-4 months while undergoing your psychological skills training.

(Sports Mind Skills does not receive a commission on TOPS sales).

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